Wise Options Services

A geriatric care manager can provide many different senior care services, depending on the needs of her client and the family. Each case is unique. We can:

  • Assess older adults, in their homes or elsewhere
  • Develop and manage of a customized care plan to meet individual needs and maintain quality of life.
  • Find, coordinate and monitor health care providers and social services
  • Advocate for quality client care with providers
  • Suggest home adaptations for safety and accessibility
  • Address needs that arise during living transitions — from hospital to rehab to home, or from home to a supportive facility
  • Provide independent third-party analysis and mediation if necessary
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  • Help navigate thorny family dynamics
  • Suggest and evaluate potential resources
  • Offer help in understanding Medicare and obtaining benefits
  • Serve as your eyes and ears here in York if you can’t be present
  • Provide personal affairs management or guardianship

Wise Options makes its referrals independently.
We are not affiliated with any of the services we recommend, nor do we receive a commission for referrals. We are an independent agency that provides objective, professional recommendations.


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