Support the 15th annual JFS Hunger Walk-a-Thon

Hunger hits close to home in our community. You can make a difference by  joining  JFS’s 2016 Hunger Walk-A-Thon on Sunday, May 1, 2016. The walk helps sustain JFS’s Project Manna and its sister food pantry, The Northeast Neighborhood Food Bank.

You’ll help families and individuals affected by unemployment, disability or other factors that make it hard or even impossible to put food on the table.

Won't you join us May 3rd?

Won’t you join us May 3rd?

Did you know that last fall, Food Stamp benefits were cut 5 percent? Meanwhile, food prices have increased 8 percent in the last three years and are expected to increase 3 percent more in 2015.

How to help:

  • Create a campaign at our Walkathon Website!
  • Support our “walkless” walk-a-thon. Download the Walkless form.
  • Become an event sponsor. We’ll recognize you or your family on a mile marker sign at the walk.  For information call us at 717-843-5011 or email us at info@jfsyork.org.


Bag hunger? Yes we can!

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