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Got kids? Check Out The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place coaches families to successfully meet 21st century challenges. The focus: enhancing communication skills to build stronger relationships.

Working individually or in small groups, we help parents — and grandparents — address today’s childhood issues and answer common questions.

Whether your kids are just being “kids,” or whether they’re faced with such challenges as ADHD or other learning disabilities, our Parenting Coach can help with:

happy-homework-200x300Behavioral issues: Is your child becoming difficult or unmanageable? Sometimes, a new approach to parenting can help nip problems in the bud. We can advise you whether it might be more than a parenting issue: Perhaps your child needs to be evaluated by an educational psychologist for ADHD or reading disabilities, for example.

Food fights: Some kids won’t eat. Unless it’s sweets. There may be tantrums. Or worse. We can help you build a culture of healthy eating in the home.

Toddler topics: Do you have “horrible times”? Getting everyone up and together in the morning? Or to bed at night? Toilet-training issues? Or just a lack of cooperation? There’s a way out.

School subjects: We can teach you how to advocate for your child and make sure the school is working FOR your child.

Teen traumas: Help your teens develop a sense of personal responsibility, cope with peer pressure, and plan for a productive post-secondary future. And of course, deal with technology issues like Vimeo or Instagram addiction and texting overdose.

Maybe it’s all of the above. We can help you sort it all out — whatever that “it” is. For an individual or small group consultation, call 717-843-5011 or email

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