Guardianship Services

seniorman-100x150When an older adult is alone and incapacitated by Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other physical or mental illness, JFS can step in as a guardian, under court order. A guardian manages:

  • Personal and medical care
  • Housing and housing decisions
  • Financial affairs, including bill-paying and disposition of property.
  • Tax and estate filings

Some guardians handle only financial affairs, while others handle financial and personal matters. Appointing a guardian is a lengthy legal process, requiring medical evaluations and court hearings. If you have a family member who may need a guardian, or if you have a diagnosis that may leave you unable to manage your own affairs in the future, call Joan Krechmer at 843-5011 or email

Joan also can advise those who have been named guardian for a loved one, but have questions about best practices and how to proceed. In fact, she is now part of a team of professionals planning a guardian education for guardians in York – and around the state.


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