A Celebratory Occasion for JFS

On March 19th, we held our Countdown to Spring Celebration event, during which we reviewed our past year’s accomplishments, honored our volunteers, and enjoyed brunch.

Please watch our special highlight video:

Have a look through the photos from the event. Photo credit: Marlene Denenberg.

DSCN3730 DSCN3732 DSCN3733 DSCN3734 DSCN3735 DSCN3736 DSCN3737 DSCN3738 DSCN3739 DSCN3741 DSCN3744 DSCN3746 DSCN3747 DSCN3752 DSCN3753 DSCN3754 DSCN3755 DSCN3759 DSCN3760 DSCN3762 DSCN3768 DSCN3772 DSCN3777 DSCN3778 DSCN3780 DSCN3781 DSCN3782 DSCN3784 DSCN3790 DSCN3792 DSCN3793 DSCN3794 DSCN3796 DSCN3797 DSCN3799 DSCN3800 DSCN3803 DSCN3806 DSCN3809 DSCN3811 DSCN3816 DSCN3826 DSCN3831 DSCN3835 DSCN3843 DSCN3845 DSCN3850

Thank you all who attended!

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